Custom Bronze Sculpture

In the art world, a commission describes the hiring and payment for the creation of a custom art piece, whether it be by a person, a corporation or government. There are numerous reasons why custom bronze sculpture is commissioned. For governments, it may be for the development and support of the country’s art scene, or to commemorate an important historic event. For example, in 2003, the ‘Lloydtown Rebel’ by Canadian artist Brett Davis was commissioned to symbolize the Rebellion of 1837 which lead to the institution of responsible government.


For a corporation, commissioning a custom bronze sculpture could be a demonstration of social responsibility or a way to give back to the community.


Individuals that commission a custom bronze sculpture will do so for a much more diverse range of reasons. From memorials to self-expressionism, or even as a symbol of affluence, custom sculptures allow the commissioner to request an ideal, idea or memory and the artist to create a work that will embody it.


Most of the famous historical sculptures that we are familiar with today began as commissioned pieces for a government, corporation or individual to convey an association that was too large for any other medium.


Those who dream of having a custom bronze sculpture created can realize this dream, as it can be commissioned from local artists. Owning a work of art is a pleasurable, enjoyable experience and an investment for future generations.


One such local artist, Brett Davis, is available for the commission of custom bronze sculpture. With over thirty years of experience and international repute, many of Brett’s works are located globally, including North America, Europe and Asia.


Commissioning an artist to produce a work of art can be a highly rewarding experience for both the artist and the client. The work is personal and unique; it is not only the product of the artist’s labour, it is also the product of the client’s vision. Each commission will vary in the steps taken from conception through to completion, as each client, artist, situation, and circumstance is unique.


In order to commission a work, especially one of the magnitude that is bronze sculpture, it is important to start with a professional. Brett Davis uses bronze as his material of choice for several reasons. Bronze has been recognized as a noble metal, regarded for its longevity and durability (especially when used outdoors), the structural properties it possesses, and the extensive repertoire of patina colors that complement the form and enhance the descriptive nature of each sculpture.


Take the first steps in expressing yourself in a way that is larger than life and beyond the verbal threshold. Who knows? Just like Italy’s Medici family, your custom bronze art may end up in a museum one day too!


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